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RIP Michael Jackson, and Media Objectivity

Posted by darthkeller on July 7, 2009

Like most people, since June 25th I’ve been watching the media circus that has become the passing of Michael Jackson.  However, unlike those in the media, I’ve not been watching because I’m interested in his life’s story… I’ve been watching because CHANNELS ARE NOT SHOWING ANYTHING BUT MICHAEL JACKSON!

I have two problems with people talking about Michael Jackson as much as they are:

1) This man was an alleged pedophile!  I don’t care that he was acquitted twice, he was engaging in behavior that was, nicely put, inappropriate.

I saw an interview with Michael, and he was asked about sharing his bed with children, and he said “It’s very loving. What’s wrong with sharing a love?”  You call that love!?  Possibly molesting children, that’s love!?  Let me tell you about love: When a child has a nightmare, goes down the hall, politely asks their mother/father about sleeping with them because the child is scared, then the parents put their arms over that child in an attempt to tell that child “Nothing will happen to you tonight”…THAT’S LOVE!  What Michael Jackson was doing was not love, it was criminal!

And yet, here’s the media, all of it, including Fox News, moving at break-neck speed to saint this man!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  I don’t care that he was acquitted, I do not care!  This man possibly molested (at least) two kids, scarring them for life!

2) Even though you won’t hear about it, two soldiers were killed this July 4th: Pvt. Aaron Fairbairn and Pvt. Justin Casillas.  They were killed in Afghanistan by a truck bomb while watching their post.

Here are two Americans, both with their whole life ahead of them, both of them wanting to do one thing: serve their country!  What?  You didn’t hear about this?  That’s right, the MSM and Fox were busy trying to saint MJ.  Think about this: Almost everything that happened to Michael was his own doing (I’m excusing his time in the Jackson 5 since he was so young, everything else is on him).  These two soldiers simply wanted to serve their country, oh, and they didn’t break any laws of this country, morality, or human decency, either.

Where is the 24-hour coverage for these two HEROES!?  Where are the reporters interviewing family and friends, building a composite of their entire life for the purpose of showing it again and again on every station on my TV?  No, they’d rather have their pedophile to worship.

To say that this is a travesty is an understatement.  Perhaps, and hopefully soon, the MSM will realize what Michael Jackson was: A decent entertainer with a VERY sordid past who should be looked at as nothing more than a decent entertainer.  Perhaps Rep Peter King has it right, and Michael really was a “low-life” and a “pervert”… That’s just my opinion.


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