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My Trip to the Doctor

Posted by darthkeller on January 21, 2010

Unfortunately I have a slightly less than “clean bill of health”.  I suffer from terrible sinus headaches.  I have since I was 18.  In the past month they have grown in intensity, frequency and duration – Not exactly a good thing.


So, I called the doctor.  Simple, right?  First, I was told that I would have to wait a WEEK to see that doctor.  A week of headaches!  They submitted me to a Jack Bauer-esque interrogation over the phone, wanting to know all kinds of information about me!  This conversation took over 3 minutes!  OF MY TIME!

So, today was the big day.  I went to see the doctor, and yes, I came prepared (I wore my wooden leg and plastic tonsils, just in case).

I arrived at his office at approximately 8:40 AM, and I had to wait another 4, maybe 5 MINUTES!  I was taken back to his office and spoke with the nurse for a few seconds and was asked to wait again, this time 1 minute (they were getting better).

After asking me a few questions regarding my symptoms, the doctor looked in my ears (wasn’t sure what he was up too), then my nose (which is good, since that’s where my sinuses are), and last my mouth (I KNEW THEY WERE GOING FOR MY TONSILS!).  With the examination “over”, he sprayed something in my nose (a toxic gas which would allow them to take my tonsils or feet easier).

After another 10 minute wait for the medication to take effect the doctor came back into the room and actually looked into my sinuses.  Good news, all clear.  Bad news, still don’t have a confirmed diagnosis.


So, after all of 20 minutes “waiting” at various stages, with my feet and tonsils STILL INTACT… Wait…. My  tonsils were taken out when I was 8… HA! Jokes on them! I was told the next headache I get I have to get an x-ray (I guess so they can check for feets/tonsils), and with that x-ray, maybe a diagnosis.

You know, I’m liking this American version of healthcare… Hmmmmmmm…….


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