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My Trip to the Doctor

Posted by darthkeller on January 21, 2010

Unfortunately I have a slightly less than “clean bill of health”.  I suffer from terrible sinus headaches.  I have since I was 18.  In the past month they have grown in intensity, frequency and duration – Not exactly a good thing.


So, I called the doctor.  Simple, right?  First, I was told that I would have to wait a WEEK to see that doctor.  A week of headaches!  They submitted me to a Jack Bauer-esque interrogation over the phone, wanting to know all kinds of information about me!  This conversation took over 3 minutes!  OF MY TIME!

So, today was the big day.  I went to see the doctor, and yes, I came prepared (I wore my wooden leg and plastic tonsils, just in case).

I arrived at his office at approximately 8:40 AM, and I had to wait another 4, maybe 5 MINUTES!  I was taken back to his office and spoke with the nurse for a few seconds and was asked to wait again, this time 1 minute (they were getting better).

After asking me a few questions regarding my symptoms, the doctor looked in my ears (wasn’t sure what he was up too), then my nose (which is good, since that’s where my sinuses are), and last my mouth (I KNEW THEY WERE GOING FOR MY TONSILS!).  With the examination “over”, he sprayed something in my nose (a toxic gas which would allow them to take my tonsils or feet easier).

After another 10 minute wait for the medication to take effect the doctor came back into the room and actually looked into my sinuses.  Good news, all clear.  Bad news, still don’t have a confirmed diagnosis.


So, after all of 20 minutes “waiting” at various stages, with my feet and tonsils STILL INTACT… Wait…. My  tonsils were taken out when I was 8… HA! Jokes on them! I was told the next headache I get I have to get an x-ray (I guess so they can check for feets/tonsils), and with that x-ray, maybe a diagnosis.

You know, I’m liking this American version of healthcare… Hmmmmmmm…….


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Bawny Fwank Goes to History Class

Posted by darthkeller on January 19, 2010

I saw something today that was…. shocking. And no, I’m not talking about Scott Brown (congrats SENATOR BROWN!).

Check this video from Barney Frank:

There’s been a de facto amendment to the US Constitution … with that 60-vote majority. It is outrageous. If you look by the way, it tends to be, in many cases, the senators from those smaller states

First, if anyone can tell me what the HECK HE’S SAYING where I have the “…” above, I’d appreciate it, maybe those words are the key to Bawny Fwank not being a jackass!

Alright, I guess since I’ve taken Michael Moore to seminary, I need to take Bawny to a Constitutional history course.

During the Convention, a lot of time was spent on simply deciding how laws were going to be created. They had already decided the three-branch system, a President to lead the Executive branch, who would be elected by the people; a court system with judges being appointed by the President; they simply could not figure out how to represent the people better than a single elected man.

Though several plans were brought forth, the two plans that seemed the best chance of success were the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan.

The Virginia plan was simple: The larger the state’s population, the more representatives it had. Although this plan seems to be the most “representative” plan possible, there is one problem: Let’s take California (our most populist and most blue state) and Oklahoma (28th, and pretty darn red!). Now, under the Virginia plan, Oklahomans would never really have our voice heard, because we are simply outnumbered! Wait…. Yeah… This does sound like a good thing to a Liberal…. Damn!

Now, the New Jersey plan was not based on population, every state has two representatives. Take the same scenario as before, now the two “blues” from California are blocked by the two “reds” from Oklahoma.

Now, a very intelligent man named Roger Sherman (the only man to sign the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and US Constitution) had a brilliant idea: Combine the ideas! We’ll have a primary house made up of representatives, the greater the population the more representatives you have; and a second house, the made up of senators, two per state. Yeah, Oklahoma will get railroaded in the House, but their vote is just the same as the vote of the California’s and New York’s, once the vote reaches the Senate.

Yeah, this makes passing laws through the Senate a lot more difficult, BECAUSE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE MORE DIFFICULT! The people are equally represented in the Senate, and even though you might not want to believe it, the people don’t all agree with your Liberal agenda!

I’m getting tired of hearing Liberals scream about violating the Constitution while at the same time taking powers for themselves that were NEVER intended by our founding fathers! When Michelle Bachman asked Turbo Tax Tim Geithner about the CONSTITUTIONAL powers that allowed him to take over private companies, he couldn’t, but he was CERTAIN that it was in there. When Tom Coburn proposed a rule change that would REQUIRE all bills be able to state, from the Constitution where the powers were given for that bill, it was the LIBERALS who voted down this rule change! So, don’t even try to play the “it’s not Constitutional” card with me!

So, you want to remove the filibuster because we “smaller states” use it to hold up your Socialist agenda? TOUGH! Learn to speak clearly and then we can have a discussion and I’ll show you that not all Americans are afraid of morons like you!

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