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Why I Have to Stop Watching Beck – An Open Letter

Posted by darthkeller on December 10, 2009

Dear Mr Beck (I use that as a term of respect, not contempt as Keith Olberman does),

I’m writing this letter to tell you why I can no longer watch the Glenn Beck show on FNC.

For some time now I’ve heard you say that we need to practice three things:
1) Question with Boldness
2) Speak without fear
3) Hold to the truth

If you will allow me, I’ll present a problem that I have with the instruction to practice these things.

1) Question with Boldness

Unlike Michelle Malkin, Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, yourself and others like those mentioned, I do not get paid to investigate who is connected to whom in the White House. I’m a software developer, so my days are spent looking at thousands of lines of code. When I get the time to check the respective websites or listen/watch the programs of those mentioned, I rely on you guys to give me the information needed to do my part in helping this country.

The problem that I have here: I don’t know a) What questions to ask; b) To whom to ask those questions. Every day you seem to start your program with this statement: “Ask yourself these questions…” Roughly 15 seconds after hearing the questions, I have answered them, but I watch, patiently, for your take on those questions. Most nights, you talk about them, but never give that “final answer” that I would like to have. Instead, I’m left, wondering about what I need to do.

2) Speak without Fear

To whom? I watched as approximately one million men and women gathered in our Nation’s capital to protest taxes, health care, government spending, government insanity on 9/12. You know what that changed? Nothing!

I watched nightly as more and more “tea party” protesters attended town hall meetings and raised their voice about health care. It didn’t change anything. It still passed the House. It looks as though it will pass the Senate.

Now, despite the fringe media’s attempts, recent revelations from emails and documents show that AGW is a complete hoax! Not only that, but the EPA recently declared that carbon dioxide is a hazardous substance, and therefore, can be regulated! This paves the way for Cap-n-Tax. Again, no amount of truth would stop the ideas of the Left.

Who do we need to talk to? What do we need to say? So far, our words have fallen on deaf ears. If Congress won’t listen to us, and we know the President won’t, who do we talk to?

3) Hold to the Truth

This is the one area that I have no problem practicing! I know that the only way we’re going to get out of the recession is to go back to the policies that worked before, namely, Reagan’s policies! FDR’s policy didn’t work. Carter’s policy didn’t work. Socialist policies have NEVER worked on our planet, and with the current absence of factual alien data, I feel safe saying it’s never worked in our universe.

Because of my faith I am filled with hope that everything is working to God’s design, whether we know the path of that design or not. Whether I live to be 100 or die tomorrow, I have the hope of knowing that I’ll be reunited with my Savior.

I look at the leaders of the Right and we have some great people to follow. Sarah Palin seems to be the Energizer Bunny of our Party, she keeps going and going no matter what the Left does to her. Rush and Mark Levin appear to be the people that can most effectively rile up our party. All that we are missing is the instrument to focus that energy and rage at our opponent. I believe that you are that instrument, but you have yet to tell us what we need to do!

I know that you have a series of conventions starting in March. Are you 100% certain we’ll have a country at that time? I’m not trying to keep you from doing what you need to do to make money, I’m all for capitalism, however, this is more important than money.

Mr Beck, until I hear that you have started to give out the answers to these questions, I have to stop watching your program, since it does nothing but enrage and depress me.




2 Responses to “Why I Have to Stop Watching Beck – An Open Letter”

  1. Many of people blog about this issue but you wrote down some true words!

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