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Thank you JJ Abrams

Posted by darthkeller on November 18, 2009

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a geek.  If you don’t believe me, ask my wife (@RavensRedd).  She’ll tell you that I’m into video games, action figures, toys, Legos… If your five-year old is into it, so am I.

I’m not saying that all geeks are childish, we just choose not to grow up.

Also, I’m a film NUT!  I love to watch movies more than just about anything that I can think of.  Not only do I watch a lot of movies, I study film, memorize the most mundane facts about every film that I own (almost 500), look at patterns of what’s going on in the world of film.

For example: A few years ago, around 2000, we went through a comic-book phase of movies.  Almost every film that was released for several years was an adaptation of a comic book.  There was Blade, Elektra, X-Men, Daredevil, Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Mystery Men, Hulk, Hellboy…. The list continues for some time, and you don’t want me to list the films made in Japan.

Another trend, the use of trilogies… Scream, Saw (ok, so it’s a trilogy TWICE), Lord of the Rings, the Matrix….  A lot of trilogies that were released around the same time.

I’ve noticed another trend in Hollywood right now.  “Re-Boots”.

This is taking an established series of films and making the “first” in that series.

Still don’t get it?  Batman Begins, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Friday the 13th (2008), Star Trek, and the upcoming release of A Nightmare on Elm St (Superman Returns MIGHT fit on this list… I’ll let you argue it).

The biggest reason given for these reboots: To be true to the fans.  Let’s face it, Batman & Robin (staring George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Uma Thurman and the Governator) WAS HORRIBLE!  There were more gay jokes in that film than in the last posting by Perez Hilton!  With the overwhelming success of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, something had to be done to bring Trek fans back into the fold.  Rob Zombie knew that we were ready for Michael Myers to terrorize us again, so he decided to try it out, and it was hugely successful!

Before you close your browser thinking I’ve had too much coffee and are ranting for the sake of ranting, I’m not.

Let’s take a look at the Tea-Party movement across America.  What is this?  What is it all about?  Simple: IT’S A RE-BOOT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!  It’s a movement by the fans, and they are demanding that the GOP return to the roots of the story!

Much like Trekkies (sorry guys, but you’re the most enthusiastic about your show), we demand satisfaction! The GOP has tried to go the Deep Space Nine route, and it hasn’t worked!

So, to the leaders of the GOP: You now have two choices: 1) You continue this path you’re on trying to be “more inclusive”, in which case, we’ll start a third party, and I’m sorry Mrs Palin, a third party WILL WORK!, or 2) You stop this madness and return the GOP to the roots that it was founded upon: SMALL GOVERNMENT, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, CUTTING TAXES,  AND CUT SPENDING!

It’s your choice, because if you won’t hear our cries, we’ll simply tune you out and continue to be enamored by our “Good Ole Days” (i.e., the Reagan era).


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