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Happy Birthday Red China

Posted by darthkeller on September 30, 2009

On this day, 60 years ago (a day that the Left is so excited to celebrate), under the leadership of Mao Zedong, the People’s Republic of China was born.

Let’s PARTY!

On second thought, let’s take a look at what the Chinese communists have accomplished in the last 60 years:

  • Restrictions on freedom of speech
  • Restrictions on advocacy of independence
  • Restrictions on where you can live
  • Strict apartheid
  • Murder

But hey, that’s what the Left wants in this country, right? They have, for years, tried to shut-out the conservatives of this country, made every effort to implement socialism, cordoning off parts of American cities where conservatives are not welcome and requesting that presidents, with whom they don’t agree, be killed.

Sounds eerily similar to me…

Then there’s the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 which left hundreds dead. After the death of pro-democracy and anti-corruption official Hu Yaobang, millions gathered for his memorial. During that memorial, disillusioned Chinese Communist Party members, Trotskyists (those who followed Leon Trotsky’s idea of socialism), and free market reformers seemed to join forces in a protest against the Chinese government. From all accounts, from May 15 though May 20, there were no incidents of violence, but on May 20th the Chinese government implemented martial law. Though they were held back, on June 1 they returned, and this time marched into the heart of Tiananmen square. The exact number of deaths has never been reported.

And how about Mao Zedong? Let’s look at some of his quotes.

In class society, everyone lives as a member of a particular class, and every kind of thinking, without exception, is stamped with the brand of a class.

– “On Practice” (July 1937), Selected Works, Vol. I, p. 296.

Wow! That sounds awesome! Like, once you’re born, either poor or rich, you’re stuck in that class! No chance of rising up the ladder! That’s pretty much the exact opposite of America! But hey, the Left wants SOCIALISM!

Our educational policy must enable everyone who receives an education to develop morally, intellectually and physically and become a worker with both socialist consciousness and culture.

– On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People (February 27, 1959), 1st pocket ed., p. 44.

Hmmm… How about some education with your indoctrination? That sounds great! Almost sounds like “The Story of Stuff” that was recently shown to our kids in public schools. Or, how about teachers forcing their kids to sing songs about Obama (their reasoning: It was Black History Month… Ever hear of George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King, Jr, Harriet Tubman? How about we study those people? And, by the way, “learning about” and “singing praises to” are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!) .

We could talk about the Hundred Flowers Campaign… A period from 1956 until 1957 when the Communist Party of China allowed open dissent against the government. The idea was to have intellectuals discuss the country’s problems in order to promote new arts and new cultural institutions. However, in July 1957, Mao changed his mind, stating that many of the letters had violated the idea of “healthy criticism”, and that they had reached a “harmful and uncontrollable” level. The final result of the Hundred Flowers Campaign: Persecution of intellectuals, students, artists and dissidents labeled “rightists”. Over 550,000 people were imprisoned, tortured, or killed.

As I read this, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Hillary Clinton proudly proclaiming in 2005: “We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any administration.” Follow that with the words of Nancy Pelosi: “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American” in reaction to the town-hall protests

Then there was the Great Leap Forward, which was intended as an alternative model for economic growth, a period in which private food production was banned for a more communal system, and peasants were forced to work on massive infrastructure projects and the small-scale production of iron and steel. During this time, Mao and other party leaders ordered the implementation of a variety of unproven and unscientific new agricultural techniques by the new communes. This led to a 15% drop in grain production in 1959, and another 10% drop in 1960, with no recovery in 1961.

This drop in food is indirectly linked to the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese peasants, and thought to be the cause of the Great Chinese Famine. This program was so bad that the Party leadership forced Mao to end it a year earlier than planned

All in all, Mao’s policies have been attributed to the deaths of between 40 and 70 million people

So, while the Left are out partying like it’s 1949, I’ll do my part to ensure that this type of government never takes hold in the United States!


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