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Why I’m not Excited about the NFL on NBC

Posted by darthkeller on September 11, 2009

I should start this with full disclosure: Yes, I know that watching college football is better than watching the NFL, but I LOVE WATCHING FOOTBALL, even the NFL.

With that said, I couldn’t be more un-excited about the start of the NFL season tonight. Why? Simple: CHRIS COLLINSWORTH

Don’t remember Chrisy? Ah, here’s a refresher for you:

Quick aside: Kobe’s the man, so to all the “haters” out there – SDASU!

Ah, what an interview. I’m sure it was one of Chris’s best. I mean, he got to bash America, not just in front of Americans, IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Hey, I can only think of a few others that can claim that:

Congrats Chris! Some rare company there buddy!

When I heard that John Madden retired this spring, I was so sad. I loved the way he called games, the insight he brought to the booth. But replacing John with this jack-ass? Nothing but an insult to John Madden. Oh, and NBC – You might want to remember: NFL fans are some of the most patriotic, America-LOVING people in the world… No way this could backfire!


One Response to “Why I’m not Excited about the NFL on NBC”

  1. I was hoping John Madden would return when he learned that Brett Favre had signed with the Vikings. (I think Madden likes Favre more than I do, probably more than anyone!) Monday Night Football with Chris “it’s not cool to be proud of your country” Collinsworth is why I sometimes mute Madden on PS3 when playing it with my nephew! I can’t take his sarcastic, whiny, elitist babble for very long.

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