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About me and this blog

Posted by darthkeller on July 7, 2009

Ok, so first, the particulars:

1) My name is Kelly… you don’t need to know any more than that

2) I’m a web developer for a great company in OKC

3) I love sports, mainly the NBA and NCAA football

So, what do I plan to write about?  Honestly, anything and everything.  I’ll be talking about code that I’m working on or with, I’ll talk politics, current events, sports… Again, anything and everything!

The next question that needs to be answered: Why should you read this blog?  If you want to, great, if not, it’s not going to hurt my feelings.  Follow if you want to hear about random thoughts that fascinate me (and there will be a lot)

So, welcome to my blog, pull up a chair, sit a while, I’ll be glad to talk with you!


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